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Advantages of .NET development. Geek-Solutions expertise and offerings

2020/07/22 by Maria Kot 9 min read

.NET is a powerful platform from Microsoft for developing applications of any complexity level. Flexibility, simplicity of learning, and extensive application are the main advantages of this platform.

When developing web-services and internal software products, our company mainly uses .NET technology. The choice in this direction was made for many reasons:

Language Independence: Thanks to the CLR (CommonLanguage Runtime), all languages ​​that are supported by .Net are compiled in an intermediate-level language. This allows the implementation of libraries utilizing different programming languages like C#, F#, C++/CLI etc.

Development environment: Visual Studio (VS) is one of the best IDEs (Integrated DevelopmentEnvironment) today. Easy to use and with a large number of settings to adjust the environment for yourself.

The power of C #: Object-oriented language; it is used mainly when developing .NET projects.

Libraries: Integration of libraries is maximally simplified thanks to the Nuget manager (a tool for working with libraries). A huge number of libraries for various typesof projects are readily available.

.NET Development Offerings by Geek-Solutions

Our professional team of .NET specialists implemented top-notch projects across numerous domain areas. We know exactly how to deliver stable, scalable, and fast solutions. We provide our customers with vast .NET offerings:

Custom web development

Application migration to .NET‍

Back-end development for mobile applications

Team extension‍

Web API development and integration


Support services.


Pittsburg, USA, 2014 - a 14-year-old boy made headlines around America when he announced ‘one small trick’ the US Government should use to save up to $400 million.

How? Simply changing their official font. They were using the serif font, Times New Roman for all their documents.

By making a very small change, the young Suvir Mirchandani had hit upon a genius way to save printer ink and taxpayer’s hard-earned money. Just switch the font to the sans serif font Garamond, therefore using far less ink.

Why is it a good idea to choose
Geek-Solutions as your .NET
software provider?

Tragic accidents abound from poor UX: errors in medical management systems left three nurses, each with more than 10 years of experience, none the wiser to a little girl’s cancer. 

• Using various tools, technologies, patterns, and best practices of .NET developing, we create web applications in accordance with the latest Microsoft trends.

• We collaborate with and provide stable software solutions to startups, middle size businesses, and even to the companies from the Fortune 500 list. Geek-Solutions works across numerous domains - Oil & Gas, E-commerce, E-learning, Banking & Finance, Utilities, and many others.

• Our top developers have engineering experience for up to 10 years, and they ensure high-quality code and smooth communication during the whole development process.

• Extensive experience in developing applications such as management systems, internal portals for employees, e-learning platforms, monitoring systems, and many more.

• We provide our solutions at a reasonable price and guarantee the delivery on time and within the agreed budget.

Other examples include the pilot who plotted the wrong course and killed the crew members and passengers.

Or the Ebola-infected man who was released from the hospitaldue to an error in the buggy EHR system.

Want to know how you can benefit from our services? Please use our Project Development Calculator to see the software product cost.

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