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Payment Systems Integration: Practical Info Based on Real Experience

Almost every online and even offline business requires payments processing. It’s a fact. The easier it will be for your customers to pay for your goods or services, the more revenue you’re going to generate. The most common and convenient way to receive payments online is to integrate your website, service or mobile app with payment systems, or gateways, that are common...

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Why the Poor UX for Enterprise Applications Is Destroying Your Margin

84% of Deloitte’s survey participants identified employee experience as their top challenge for 2019, yet only a paltry 9% felt they were ready to even begin addressing the issue.
Whilst most companies likely realize they have a lot of work to do, they haven’t determined the true extent or impact of poor UX - on both employee health and their profit margin.

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How the AI-Based Object Recognition Software Helps to Park Fast

1. Difficulties with parking in large cities2. Negative effect on the city traffic3. High costsHave you ever considered how much time do we spend looking for a parking slot? On average it is around 5 minutes each time we look for a free slot. And drivers do it at least twice per day. In total it can amount to more than 60 hours per year.

2. Depending on a country and city price varies a lot. With the highest of $32.97 in New York, $28.45 in Sydney, $16.26 in London, $15.16 in Tokyo, just to name a few from the top.

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