Scale up labeling with a dedicated labeling service

Work hand-in-hand with the world's best labelers right inside your project.

Accelerate your path to production while maintaining high quality

Data science teams spend 80% of their time creating and managing training data. The bottlenecks include poor in-house tooling, labeling re-work, and the difficulties associated with collaborating and iterating on the data among distributed teams. Workforce with Geek-Solutions helps you address these challenges while managing costs and quality.

Diversify your workforce and partner with trusted labeling teams

Use our workforce on individual projects to fit your needs:
  • Work with your in-house labelers alongside Geek-Solutions workforce.
  • External vendors can work alongside Geek-Solutions workforce.
  • Our trusted labeling partners have a wide range of experience with different industries and use cases and can ramp up quickly.
  • Options for real-time annotations and industry experts for specialized projects.

Clear and upfront pricing

  • Only pay for time spent on annotations.
  • Pay per labeling hour instead of per label (for easier tracking and budgeting).
  • Pay every month based on your labeling usage.
  • Scale up or down based on your organizational needs.

Focus on collaborative relationship

  • A dedicated project manager for all Workforce-related topics.
  • Feedback and guidance on labeling instructions, ontology setup and workflow.
  • Labelbox handles all training and ongoing monitoring of metrics.

A metrics-driven approach

  • Proven training processes to perform high-quality labeling.
  • A focus on our key success metrics which include:
  • Insuring and maintaining quality on every single project during POC & Production.
  • Maintaining a reasonable average processing time per label.
  • Reducing labeling costs for you.

Ethical commitment

  • Governance in place to ensure our partners respect local labor laws.
  • Full-time employees only with internal promotion systems and where gender equality is encouraged.
  • Increased compensation for night shift employees.

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