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Web development services. Geek-Solutions Offerings

2020/11/26 by Maria Kot 9 min read

Geek-Solutions is a skillful developer of web-based applications and services. The most comprehensive technologies are implemented in our services in order to show our clients a new way to grow. This is achieved through developing functional web systems, designing perfect interfaces, implementing and automating complex business processes.

What we offer:

Web applications based on  .NET development

Web applications development based on MEAN-stack technologies (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js)

3D party integrations

API development and integrations

Websites development based onWebflow

We successfully deliver software that have various business purposes to our clients


Management systems

Internal portals for employees

E-learning platforms

Monitoring systems

Online chats

Pittsburg, USA, 2014 - a 14-year-old boy made headlines around America when he announced ‘one small trick’ the US Government should use to save up to $400 million.

How? Simply changing their official font. They were using the serif font, Times New Roman for all their documents.

By making a very small change, the young Suvir Mirchandani had hit upon a genius way to save printer ink and taxpayer’s hard-earned money. Just switch the font to the sans serif font Garamond, therefore using far less ink.

Development stages

We work according to the following models of cooperation

1. Fixed Price (FP)

Before the project commences, all scope of work, terms and price are precisely determined. This approach is suitable, when you have a detailed technical specification. BZW, with FP you are aware of all project deadlines and know exactly when the product will be delivered.

2. Time & Material (T&M)

A team is assembled to cater to the needs of your project. You pay for the specialists' time upon completion of the work. The team, resources and technologies can change flexibly during the work on the project. We offer this model, when a detailed technical specification is not available to you and if you expect any changes occurring during the project.

3. Offshore Dedicated Center (ODC)

It's an ideal solution for companies looking to increase the productivity of their software development without incurring too many additional costs, such as hiring additional staff or investing in other resources. ODC works great for startups who are looking to cut costs and achieve guaranteed results.

Want to know more how you can benefit from our web development services? Please use our Project Development Calculator to see the software product cost.

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